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For proper training of students / students in the institution, many class rooms in the main building and extension building are constructed according to the standard, which are sufficiently well ventilated and equipped with proper furniture etc. Also, canteen, dispensary, industry body Interbandha Cell (Triple I.), NCC Separate buildings are available.

Labs and Workshops

Chemical Engineering Chemical Technology (Fertilizer Technology) Chemical Technology (Rubber & Plastic Technology) Paint Technology
Applied Physics Lab, Applied Mechanics Lab, Applied Chemistry Lab, Professional Communication Lab, Workshop (Sheet Metal Shop, Fitting & Plumbering Shop, Paint Shop, Carpentry Shop, Smithy Shop) are prevalent in all first year branches
Electrical Technology and Electronics Lab, Computer Lab are prevalent in all the branches of the second year.
Unit Operation Lab (Heat and Mass Transfer Lab)
Automatic Process Control Lab Fiber Reinforced Plastic Lab Drawing Oil and Paint Media Lab
Mechanical Operation and Solid Handling Lab Plastic and Rubber Processing Lab Quality Control Lab
Fertilizer technology lab Quality Control and Testing of Polymers Lab Formulation and Manufacturing of Paint Lab
Chemical Technology Lab Polymer Chemistry Lab

Computer Lab - More than 60 computers are available for students in the organization's computer center. In all branches, computer is studied as a compulsory subject, as per the syllabus prescribed by the department. Internet, networking, projector, screen, air conditioner, adequate furniture are available in the computer center.

Library - About 3500 books of Indian and foreign publishers / writers based on various technical subjects are available in the institution for students to study. Book bank is also available for poor and scheduled caste / scheduled tribe students. Also, the Social Welfare Department also provides books to students from time to time.There is also a provision of 10 computers for the students in the library, where all the students can also do online book reading. A reading room is also established in the library where students / students can study books, newspapers and other course material in their free time.

Virtual Class Room - The institute has a virtual classroom equipped with all the modern technology machines, which is a kind of audio visual clroom for easy and easy teaching of students. In which facilities like virtual projector, camera, screen, amplifier, speaker, cardless mic, internet connection, computer, projector etc. are available. Reading material is explained by showing the students on the big screen with the help of a camera. With the help of audio and video on a variety of subjects, the teaching of the subject is done elegantly and easily through the computer and projector. The students of the institution get the benefit of the educational and entertainment programs broadcast on various channels through the DTH set up in the virtual classroom. The facility of e-lecture can also be used only in the virtual classroom.

E-Lecture - The department has started a system of e-lecture to make a strong grip on various technical subjects and to solve the problems of students related to the subject. In this arrangement, IRDT was prepared by making video of lectures given on the subject by departmental subject matter experts and other eminent engineering colleges with the courtesy of IRDT Kanpur. Through the Kanpur website, students are shown online or downloaded in a virtual classroom.

Sports Material - Along with studies, a sports department has been established in the institution for the promotion of students in non-teaching activities, where adequate materials are available for various indoor and outdoor sports. Students / students practice sports along with studies throughout the year. Every year different competitions are organized for the students and students in the annual sports festival in the organization's playground.In which the winning students and students participate vigorously in regional sports competitions and state level sports competitions and receive prizes. The staff of the institution also has full support in this work.

Learning Resource and Utility Center With its help, students and students are given information about various new technical subjects through subject matter experts through TV, laptop, CD, charts, banners etc.

N.S.S. - Under the National Service Scheme Program conducted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Government of India, the students and students should get information about various activities in the society, different types of living, different social evils and upliftment of different sections of the society. It is given by applying and meditating. Once a year, with the help of special camps running for 07 days, students get experience of going to rural surroundings and doing public relations.Through this, students get an opportunity to understand various social evils and try to overcome them. There is also an opportunity to directly interact with the public through various seminars, rallies, street plays, public meetings etc.

Pure Drinking Water and Power Backup - The organization has two ROs for the purpose of providing pure drinking water to the students of the institution. Are installed. A 25 KVA generator is available to students for uninterrupted training at the time of power cut.

Educational excursion - Students are also given educational tours every year with the aim of acquiring practical technical knowledge in an industrial institute.

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